Why I don’t like Whiners and How to Avoid Raising One

If there is one thing that I hate about children is their incessant whining.

Before you have children, you hear whining children and you want to slap the shit out of them.  You think to yourself in a restaurant at the beach at Walmart, basically anywhere that children exist – “If this child doesn’t shut the fuck up I am going to lose it.  My children will never whine like this.”

But of course, like everything else about having your own flesh and blood child, things don’t always work out like you think…

Before you know it – you find yourself with your children in a restaurant, at the beach, at Walmart (ok not at Walmart) – but everywhere else- with a bratty whining child.

They whine because they are babies.  They don’t like not getting their way and we, as parents, have to teach them that it is not acceptable behavior to cry or have a temper tantrum or parade around protesting whenever they don’t get their way.

It is not as easy as it sounds.

We all know we hate this horrific child, demanding an everlasting gobstopper.

Even Michael, at the ripe old age of 11, whines and protests almost every day of his life.  He doesn’t want to do his homework.  He doesn’t want to take a shower now- he will take one later.  He doesn’t want to eat salad.  He wants to eat one more piece of Halloween candy! He doesn’t want to go to bed.  He wants to stay up for just 20 more minutes!! Can he put his laundry away later?

The pleas and cries of protest are endless.

And I am to blame for this behavior I suppose.  If I could just say “no” firmly each time and stand tall – then maybe he would stop this bullshit.  If only I could be more like Willy Wonka.


But I am human, and I am tired and I like to drink wine at night.  So sometimes, one Kit-Kat and 20 more minutes of watching television until he goes to bed seems fine with me.

So what I am doing, is teaching this annoying Veruca Salt-child that if he whines and complains then he will get his way.

This might be why – half of America has decided that if they cry and stomp around disrupting traffic in major cities and post annoying whining Facebook posts – then something will change.

It won’t.

But they will keep doing it, even without results…which I cannot understand.

This week has been a bad week for America.

First and foremost – most of us lost a good deal of sleep on Tuesday night and that is bad for productivity and mental health.

Secondly, many of us (including me) were unhappy with the results of the presidential election.  So we moped around all day Wednesday in a state of somber shock and despair.

By Thursday – in my estimation – we should have been able to process what had happened and find a way to move forward with our lives.  That didn’t seem possible to many.

As a result, people chose to show their dissatisfaction with a system that is as old as the hills, by marching around in the streets and posting hateful and disparaging social media posts.

While I personally agree with much of the sentiments of the protesters and the social media posters – I just feel that perhaps it seems a little like sour grapes.  You won’t see Hilary crying or marching.  She held her head high – made a speech filled with hope and a promise to continue to work hard for what matters.  We should follow her lead.

This marching and writing “Not my President” on our foreheads….

not helpful.


How is this constructive?

This poor gentleman with the moustache has worked tirelessly at the polls all day – do you think he needs this naked woman straddling his work area?

And I would love to say that these protests are all as peaceful as this lone naked woman’s – but in fact they aren’t.  In Portland, Oregon of all places, they have even had protestors resort to violence.

USA TODAY reported “The protest was mostly peaceful until demonstrators met with an anarchist group, after which demonstrators vandalized buildings, kicked cars and knocked out power,”

Kicked cars!!!

How the fuck is that going to do anything??!!!

That is just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

Come on people.  We are the smart blue-staters.  We need to act like it.

No hard-working people that just want to get home to their families are held up by  these annoying people.  How is this a good idea??
Now hard-working people who just want to get home to their families are held up by these annoying people. How is this a good idea??

There were many articles this week about how to explain to the children, how a horrible man like Trump became our President.  How to gently explain that sometimes “bullies win.”

While I agree that Trump is not a good role model for children and certainly does not fit the idealistic and logical characteristics that we would want in an American president, shouldn’t we lessen the blow for the kids?  Do we have to make it stressful for them too?

Also – if I am being honest – we shouldn’t need a lesson on this.  Losing and disappointment is a part of life.  If they have been on a playground or in a gym class or a lunch room – they already know that sometimes bullies win.  Sometimes things don’t go their way. Sometimes, despite the best of efforts or intentions, the best man/woman for the job – doesn’t get it.

This is life in America.  It’s happened before.  We don’t need to go down the list of bad presidents, bad decisions, bad wars…..

If you are telling your child anything different – then you are doing him or her a huge disservice.

These children are impressionable.  They shouldn’t have to go to sleep at night fearing for their lives because Trump is president! They should be told to be hopeful and if they don’t like what’s happening in America – then they should do their part to be good and socially conscious individuals.  There are horror stories of school children celebrating the Trump victory by bullying children that are not of American dissent.   This is a teaching moment.

I remember, when Jimmy Carter was the president in the 1970’s, he created a program to save fuel which mandated public buildings maintain a thermostat temperature of 65 degrees or below during the winter months.  I distinctly remember complaining that the house was cold as a child, and my die-hard Democrat mother told me that we couldn’t turn the heat up because Jimmy Carter would be mad at us.

I went to sleep fearing this man for many cold nights.  I pictured him a monster in a puff jacket and UGGS with icy breath coming to kill us if we had a warm house.

Now here's a monster to be afraid of!! The nerve of this guy telling us to be cold all the time....Thank God it was the 80's and we had electric blankets.
Now here’s a monster to be afraid of!! The nerve of this guy telling us to be cold all the time….Thank God it was the 80’s and we had electric blankets.

Completely ridiculous fear? Yes.  But that is how my little child mind processed my liberal mother’s teachings.

This is what we have to be careful of.

On Wednesday morning when my children were pouring their breakfast cereal, while I stared bleary-eyed at the television screen in disbelief, Michael said “Maybe he will get assassinated.” with disgust.

I stood up with horror. “No – don’t say that.  He is a father and a husband and a person and he’s the President of the United States.”

“Well – why do you look so upset?” Sam asked innocently while he gulped his milk.

I gathered myself and quickly said “Well, I just cannot believe that we have a president that has such bad hair.”

Sam didn’t bat an eyelash and said, “Well – George Washington was pretty good – and did you ever see his hair?”

We all laughed ….and for a minute in time we had hope.



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  1. Every day when I leave work (in Portland) I think the same thing – how are these riots helping anything? Thanks for the laugh. I needed that today.

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