Shit You Should Care About Besides the Color of your Starbuck’s Cup

There is just so much to worry about this year.  War, healthcare, education…paper cups.

Why are we such a tortured community of coffee drinkers?  Why can we not just enjoy caffeine and try to be good people??

This week will be our monumental election that will conclude with a horrific American President of the United States no matter what.   There are thousands of people without healthcare, without jobs, and without a proper education in this country.   Many veterans are without the support they need, there are mentally ill people across the country without services or proper programs, there’s a prescription pill epidemic that is killing our youth and destroying lives daily.

But let’s really talk about what’s important….the color of the Starbuck’s latte cup.

Last year, poor Starbucks found themselves in the middle of a media frenzy when they eliminated holiday decor from their latte cups.  This year – treading lightly – they have put out a green cup.  I am sure they thought that they were making a good choice.

I am sure they thought “Who could get mad at us for using a green cup?”

You poor stupid Starbucks “cup design executives,” haven’t learned yet that Americans are fickle and dumb.  According to a press release from Starbucks, the design is meant to “represent unity during a divisive time in our country.”

Nice try Starbucks…nice try.

I went to Starbucks today to experience first hand this offensive green cup.

As I entered I noticed imagery on the door….


Look how hard they are trying!! They just want us to be good people while we drink $6 lattes!!! Why can’t we do that?? Why is it so hard for us to be rational, thinking, good people??

Lo and behold – my cup was the regular white cup because I just ordered a tall Pike Place!! Should I be mad that just because I didn’t get some sort of whipped milk and spice in my coffee that now I am treated like an agnostic loser??  Should I throw my coffee in the garbage in a fit of rage??

No - because I only give a fuck about caffienated beverages....not the cup they come in.
No – because I only give a fuck about caffeinated beverages entering my body and soul….not the cup they come in.

Maybe our next president will help us to be good people.  He or she will help us to focus on what is important and forget about emails, and trailer interviews with Billy Bush and paper cups.

Or maybe not.....I guess we will find out on Tuesday
Or maybe not…..I guess we will find out on Tuesday

What Americans deem necessary to focus their energies on can be disturbing and frustrating…Let’s hope there will be a change during the holiday season of 2017.  For now we will continue to fight for a proper holiday cup for our gingerbread lattes.  We deserve it.

To review, here’s my post regarding last year’s cup debacle….sadly nothing has changed much.

Starbucks has in years past, blessed us during the holiday season with delightful gingerbread lattes in red paper cups with “seasonal” designs such as stars and snowflakes.

Here's last year's cups. They are nice but they don't exactly scream "Merry Christmas."
Here’s last year’s cups. They are nice but they don’t exactly scream “Merry Christmas.”

This year, in what many are claiming to be an effort to remain non-religious, the Starbucks “holiday cups” are just plain old red.  Starbucks is claiming that they are “embracing simplicity” and as a result, Christians across the land are losing their shit.

One former pastor from Arizona, Johsua Feurerstein took to the almighty Facebook to announce that Starbucks had “declared war on Christmas.”

He said “Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus!”

Here is the 2015 Starbucks red cup. Otherwise known as a papercup from the devil.
Here is the 2015 Starbucks red cup. Otherwise known as a paper cup from the devil.

What followed was 8 million views and a viral thread of people claiming they would not spend their hard-earned money on coffee from a company that hates Jesus and Christmas.

I mean there’s just so much happening in the world, it’s hard to believe that this is an issue that people have time or energy to dedicate to.  IT’S A PAPER CUP.

By the way – how about bring your own mug to put your beverage in earth haters coffee-lovers.

It’s quite funny to me that this is what people are mad at Starbucks about.

Apparently everyone in America is accustomed to waiting an ungodly amount of time to place an order for their coffee.  Nobody gets mad about that.

We all just accept the long line twisting through the store.  We just stand patiently while people place coffee orders subbing and adding, chai, soy, whip, milk, sugar, iced and other various made-up requests.

Today someone in line in Goopville actually asked for a “dirty chai latte.”

I went over to him and slapped him across the face and said “Just shut the fuck up!!! There’s no such thing and you know it you fucking asshole. If you want something dirty on a Sunday morning then look at porn or order a martini in a bar like a normal person.”

Ok …

I didn’t really say or do that. (It was an out-of-body experience that felt very real!)

Then after we wait 20 minutes to order our beverage – we just calmly get into another fucking line!!!! We wait like stupid assholes in the second line, hopefully eyeing every latte that comes across the counter.  We don’t get mad about this either.

During the holidays the lines are the worst.  People just cannot resist those lattes covered with whipped cream and sprinkles.  It is during the holidays apparently, when people are reaching for their latte that they have waited a cool 30 minutes for, that they hear the cup speak to them.

The red cup with the snowflakes and doves has been saying to them for years,  “Merry Christmas Madam, Starbucks loves Christmas and Jesus.”

And now that magical message is destroyed.

People frantic upon receiving a plain red cup – have been taking drastic measures.  When the barista asks their name to write on their cup – they are saying their name is “Merry Christmas” so that the poor Starbucks worker will be forced to write Merry Christmas on their cup.

Do people need to be wished “Merry Christmas” this badly? Take your ten-dollar latte and go fuck yourselves!

And speaking of money – am I the only one who sees the irony in individuals who are otherwise willing to pay up to $5 for their Peppermint Mocha Latte, as long as it comes in a cup that is wishing them a happy holiday?

What a bunch of narcissistic cult bullshit. How about if you were such a “good Christian”  you would skip just two of your fattening lattes and buy a $10 toy or game for a needy child this Christmas.

Jesus doesn’t care about your dumb fucking coffee cups you stupid morons.

Take your head out of your assholes and pay attention to what’s important in this world.

And if you would like something to be mad at this holiday season I am more than happy to point it out for you….

These greedy Elf on the Shelf people have done it again.

It’s not enough that they have gotten us all to shell out $30 to buy a meaningless doll.

That we have all lied to our children’s faces and told them that this toy, manufactured in China, is a living thing. We lie to our sweet angels and tell them that this inanimate object is watching their bad behaviors and flying in the night to Santa to tell him that they are rude brats.

It’s not enough that we have doused these dolls in flour and made them act inappropriately with Barbies.


Now these money-hungry animals want us to purchase for our Elf on the Shelf to the tune of $19.95…… A FUCKING PET REINDEER.

Get mad at this people.

My elf is not getting a pet. I beg of all you. Keep your wits about you this holiday season and do not get your elf a pet.
My elf is not getting a pet. I beg of all you. Keep your wits about you this holiday season and do not get your elf a pet.

Fake elves that sit on shelves do not need pets.

Take your $19.95 and buy food for a food pantry or a toy for a child this holiday season.

And if you decide to splurge on that $6  Venti Skinny  Sugar-Free Syrup, Extra Shot, Light, No Whipnonfat, extra hot caramel brulee latte – just enjoy it…..and please know that no matter the decoration adorning your cup….

It will lie in a landfill for eons before it decomposes.

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Merry Christmas!!



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