It’s time – Will the Real Lady Goo Goo Gaga Please Stand Up?

7 years ago -I found myself home alone with 2 babies.  I had been laid-off from a job that I had intended to keep.  I had never planned on being a stay-at-home mother in Goopville.  Goopville, a land that I have come to love and hate, shaped me as a mother.  It gave me my motherhood experiences and stories that I felt compelled to share with the world.

My first intentions were to share my stories and feelings about motherhood with whoever would listen. In the very beginning – those people were a few close friends, some cousins, and my parents.  That audience grew organically until some of my posts were read by millions! of readers.  There has been a lot of trolls, hate mail and negative comments;  but the resounding feedback has been positive.  Most of what I write is met with comments and likes on social media that say I am writing what everyone is thinking – but too afraid to admit.

Being a mother is hard.  It is not all “blessings” and whatever social media pretends it to be.  There is guilt, there is pressure, there is sadness, there is doubt.

I have tried my best over the past seven years to bring honest and blunt content to the world.  I have attempted to bring humor to motherhood and parenting, asking for us to all to take a step off of our helicopters for a moment and really take a look at what are we doing, and hopefully, have a laugh.

It’s not all perfect.

I have written all of this content anonymously.  Firstly, it was because I wasn’t sure of myself.  I wasn’t quite sure if I was the only one with this view on parenting.  I wasn’t sure how people would respond. Secondly, I wrote secretly because I had small innocent children that never asked for a mother to tell the world that she hated everyone at their bus stop or that she disapproved of the PTO.  I felt that I should protect my children from my snarky ways.

Those days are over.

My confidence has been built by the steady stream of loyal and wonderful readers that I have had the joy of bonding with over the years, and also by the fact that so many of you send my wonderful comments and messages telling me that you look forward to Monday mornings.  So many mothers across the globe have sent me messages saying that they had post-partum or were bleary-eyed and up all night with a colicky baby and found comfort from my posts.  Some mothers would message me that they were up breastfeeding babies in the still of the night “binge-reading” my entire blog.  This type of feedback kept me writing every Sunday night for years.  I felt I owed mothers this dose of reality and humor to get them through the dark days of motherhood.

Just this week, I woke up on Monday morning and a mother from Seattle commented on how much she related to my Sunday night post.  A woman clear across the country could relate to what I was saying – and that means everything to me as a writer and as a mother.

Change is coming for me as a writer and for you as my audience.  Next week – if you don’t ready any of my other posts – be sure to tune in for this one.

It’s going to be big.

I am going to reveal myself.

As a real voice for mothers across the land, I feel it’s time to let you know a little bit more about the real me.  I hope you will join me for the next chapter in my journey as a mother.

Thank you in advance.  I love each and every one of you that tunes in each week.  I love each and every one of the Goopville residents that see me at a bar children’s sporting event or concert and whispers in my ear that they are a reader and that they laugh each week at what I have to say.

Lady Goo Goo Gaga has been a gift to myself and to many others.  She is my blog persona – but I think that there is a little Lady GGG in all of us – which has led to my success.  We can all relate to the honest and real feelings that I post each week – even if we aren’t comfortable admitting it or verbalizing it.

Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook this week to watch this slow reveal of who I really am and tune in next week for the finale;)


8 thoughts on “It’s time – Will the Real Lady Goo Goo Gaga Please Stand Up?

  1. Exciting! And I will say that the kindness and acceptance I felt when I slipped out of anonymity was lovely. I’m hoping for nothing but the best for you in your process of revealing yourself.

    1. Kim!! you were one of the first bloggers that I ever read – and I was so inspired by you – it means everything to me that you read and commented on this 7 years later!!! xoxox

  2. Your amazing! I also look forward to reading your blog every week. Whatever happens due to your “coming out” 😝, were behind you in full support! Keep the weekly hilarious blogs coming!

    California loves you!!

  3. I have been enjoying your blog every week and look forward to reading the next chapter. Keep up the good work!

  4. I’m only 15 minutes from Goopville & read you weekly. I doubt you’ll remember, but I won the Stew’s card a few years ago and had the “Sad Santa Picture” as Santa wasn’t there when we went to spend our booty. :) Looking forward to the reveal!

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