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As a stay-at-home mother to two boys, born 18 months apart in the suburbs of CT, I found myself feeling very alone in the world of modern-day motherhood.  Was I the only mother that dreaded play dates and looked at the clock every day at 4 PM and thought “4 more hours till these horrific children go to sleep?”  Was I the only mother that hated breastfeeding and baby music classes and threw the towel in the perfection department and didn’t care to pretend anymore?

I started this blog to find out just how alone I was.

In the beginning, Mr. Gaga was my only reader and he was quick to tell me that nothing I wrote was funny.  I disagreed, and I plugged along and to my delight, ultimately, over one million readers checked in to tell me that in fact I was hilarious, and also, I was saying everything that they thought to themselves – but were too afraid to admit aloud.

A true Gemini, I love the ocean but hate everything else that has to do with nature.  I don’t like your dog or your baby, so if we meet in the street, don’t bother waiting for me to smile at them.  My duplicitous nature means that I imagine myself to be very fancy and enjoy the finer things in life.  I won’t step foot in a Kohl’s and I won’t go camping, yet I curse a lot and have a tramp stamp.  I am a study in contrasts…so as a parent, while I am making fun of the helicopter mom one minute, you can find me the next minute hovering over my children, cursing and sweating bullets, helping them with their math homework.

Let’s face it.  None of us are going to bed each night thinking “I am doing a great job of this whole motherhood thing,” so by reading this blog and enjoying it you are daring to admit defeat.  You are daring to admit that you don’t cook all those meals on your Pinterest board, that you don’t always enjoy your child’s soccer games, and maybe…just maybe, you don’t always love being a mother.

You won’t find my name or my picture here.  Although most enjoy my humor, some don’t get it and I like to keep my identity secret here in Goopville, the town that I live in.  If you are like me and you are sick of feeling inadequate and want a quick laugh to get you through the day then sign up for my weekly updates here:

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You and I just aren’t going to get along.


52 thoughts on “About Lady Goo Goo Gaga

  1. Flipp’n Hilarious…I don’t feel alone after reading your blog! I too fill that the day’s accomplishment is emptying the dishwasher…that, and if no one pee’d on my bed…

    keep on writing…can’t wait to read more!

  2. Hey! This is Jennifer from the Double Duty Twins blog (doubledutytwins.com). Thanks so much for leaving your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog! Your blog is wonderful too, and I will enjoy reading it from now on! Hope to see some more comments from you!

  3. Love this site! Today I’m feeling not alone!! I’m also a mom of two little boys (and a sweet princess)…Looking forward to the fog lifting in the hopefully near future!! :)

  4. I can’t believe auntie Eileen just told me about this! The bowling school blog sent me over the edge! Then again… it hits close to home. BTW- knew you were funny, didn’t know you could write so well… said the English teacher/ new Mommy :)

  5. Just visiting you for the first time. Hope you don’t mind me going through your stuff. You seem like the kind of chick I’d like to hang out with while enjoying a couple of glasses of wine and some gossip. Let’s talk shoes and handbags, shall we?

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  7. Where were you when WE were living in West Hartford?? We were so bored we decided to take our newborn son and move BACK to New York City to smoke cigarettes and buy shoes. I can tell you we’d probably still be there if we had someone like you to hang out with. Love your blog!!

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  9. I’m officially addicted to your blog . . . can’t stop laughing at your posts. I’m a fellow West Hartford blogger (www.outandaboutmom.com). Adding a link to your site on our blog today!

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  11. Omg..I love this..can not wait to read more!! The beach hermit crab was the most perfect description of the total beach melt down!

  12. Just found your blog and I’m in love. .. Where are the rest of the freakin moms that tell it like it is? I’m so done talking to the ones that are blissed out with perfect everything. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

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  16. Hello! I love your sense of humor and your blog is perfect! It’s great how becoming a mother can change how you are as a person. I used to buy buy buy in college, now I am all about trying to save (and stick to it) lol

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  17. I just saw your blog. Love every “post” of it. I wonder if you live in the same CT town as I do. Because, OMG, what you described seemed exactly like that! ~ Mariella.

  18. I just wanted to say that I found your 7 Moms to Avoid post hilarious. Someone I know did not, and it sparred me to write my own blog post about that…people need to lighten up!

  19. I found your blog while my oldest son was still a baby. Now he’s 3 and we are expecting our second son after the holidays. At first I didn’t even grasp most of what you talked about. My son was not at a stage to do any of the stuff you talked about but I laughed nonetheless. And when I would read about all the things that happened when they were younger, I knew I had found someone who got me! I wait anxiously every Sunday for a new post and immediately read it while trying not too laugh so loud I wake my husband! I have taken your wise words to heart and no longer feel I must be a perfect mom, that really there is no perfect mom. And I’ve tried to teach the same thing to my sister’s as they have had their children. Now on Monday afternoons, the 3 of us can not only discuss our kids and our weekends, but can also discuss the latest hilarity and wisdom we got from you!
    So long story short, thanks for being your sassy self!

    1. Thank you Janel – and there is no greater compliment than someone who keeps reading even if they can’t relate exactly to what I am saying!! I appreciate you being a loyal reader so much:) xoxo

  20. I read your blog every Monday and share with anyone that I think drops all – err – some of their plates when it comes to this motherhood thing. I do lock myself in the bathroom and have been known to take a beer and hide in the bed of my husbands truck. I think we would get along. Keep the great updates coming.
    Coppell, Texas

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