Lady goo goo gaga
This is not my mother's motherhood.

Ok - so I am here by default.  Never in a million years did I think I would be blogging about my experiences as a stay-at-home mother.  I imagined I would marry someone for money and wear fabulous shoes in the city and maybe have kids at some point out of social pressures. 

But here I am, a suburban housewife, God help me.  I remember distinctly when my older child was a baby and we were at a store and an older woman said “Oh enjoy this time, it goes so fast.”  And I looked at her and said “Good.”  She just stared at me and walked away.  I really did not enjoy that time because my son tortured me.  I called it torture but many mothers refer to him and children like him as “busy.”

Fast forward to his entrance into full-day kindergarten this fall and I have to admit that woman was right; it really did go by fast.  And even though I have prayed and begged for the day to come when some professional adult who has chosen this field will entertain him all day, I was sad to see him go.

So along the way I have had eye-opening experiences with him as well as my 3 year old.  Aside from my own struggles with being home with small children and emptying the dishwasher as my major accomplishment for the day, I have also had some interesting interactions with other children and parents.  I would like to share some frightening tales from my world of stay-at-home mommies. 

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